Save Time, Save Money, Perform Due Diligence

with our easy to use no phone call system

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Everything you need at your fingertips To locate and manage Pilot Cars for your oversized loads.


Direct Dispatch by GPS location with estimated arrival times, Load Board options, integrated communications

Electronic Invoice/Audit

Line-item invoicing with easy approval or dispute functions. Pilot Car route audit proving your due diligence.


  • No Phone Calls Required
  • Real-Time Communications
  • Exceed Risk Management Requirements
  • System Managed Pilot Car Requirements
  • System Verified Pilot Car Documentation
  • Customizable Company Requirements
  • Advertises and Communicates Company Requirements
  • Communicates State Regulation Requirements
  • Automatic Pilot Car Network building with Management
  • Automatically Perform Due Diligence
  • Automatic Regulation Auditing
  • Automatic Network Communications
  • Load Board Application Process
  • Direct Dispatch with GPS locations and Negotiations
  • Tiered Insurance Choices
  • Find Pilot Car Backhauls
  • In Route Change Tools with Communication
  • Electronic Detailed Invoicing
  • Invoice Payment Solution with Quick Pay
  • Subcontractor Insurance Abilities with Billing Options
  • Workers Comp Options
  • Internal Client Rate Tables to speed your negotiations
  • Increase your Dispatch Efficiencies Multiple Times Over
  • Accounts Payable Tracking
  • Pilot Car Rating System with Reviews
  • Pilot Car Mobile App Technology
  • Master Dispatch Load Management
  • Pilot Car Broker Communication and Load Management
  • Custom API Integration Available
  • Account is Web based Login from Anywhere

Why the PCM

The Pilot Car Manager is a no phone call system that provides tracking and monitoring of all your Pilot Car needs while performing your background and regulatory compliance due diligence. The integrated communications greatly increases your efficiency with direct Pilot Car Negotiations based on GPS location and Load Board posting options.

Want to work with a Pilot Car Broker, no problem, insist on the Pilot Car Manager and enjoy all the benefits and piece of mind the PCM provides plus additional communication and monitoring tools between your companies.


There is no expense to use the PCM for Trucking Company's and Pilot Car Brokers.

Pilot Cars can register with full access to the PCM including account setup, direct dispatch negotiations, and load board postings. When accepting load offers, there is 2 options.

  1. Single transactions fee of $20
  2. Monthly subscription of $25

This provides the ability for Pilot Cars to register and try the PCM at no risk.

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