Safely Managing Your Oversized Loads
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Trucking Companies

Build a Pilot Car and/or Broker Network, ensuring company, as well as state requirements, are met and maintained automatically. Now, you can focus time on increasing the number of loads covered.

  • Exceed Risk Management Requirements
  • Automatically Perform Due Diligence
  • Manual or Fully Automatic Dispatch
  • Automatic Regulation Auditing
  • Automatic Network Communications
  • Account is Web based
  • Electronic Detailed Invoicing
  • Load Board plus Direct Negotiations Included
  • In route change tools with auto communication
  • Express Pay availability “OAC”
  • Subcontractor Insurance Abilities with auto billing
  • Custom API Integration Available
  • Load Planning Estimating Tools
  • State Pilot Car requirements based on load dimensions
  • Internal Client Rate Tables can automate your negotiations
  • Increase your Dispatch efficiencies multiple time over
  • Accounts Payable Tracking
  • Pilot Car Rating System with Reviews
Transparent Communications through our Master Dispatch allows you to monitor all processes regardless if you are using Manual Dispatch, Automatic Dispatch, or 3rd party Brokers.