Pilot Car Registration (Step 1 of 14)

Our registration process is simple when you have all the necessary documents available. Please review this list and get all the needed documents together.

Email Address

You will need an email address, which has to be verified. If you don't have a email yet you can get a free email here.


You need to have a phone so we can contact you. We verify phone number through your choice of either text message or by an automated voice call.

Not All Documents are Required for Registration.

Basic Documents that you should upload to Network with customers are IRS W9, Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, and Commercial Auto Insurance.

The remaining Documents are State Qualifications or Additional Requirements by some Trucking Companies. These are all optional, however are required to escort through certain States or Qualify for some Trucking Companies. In your account there is a State Report that show all the States you are legal in and what is required to operate in additional States if you choose.